Three-channel video installation with sound

Screen 1 – 00:03:54.00

Screen 2 - 00:01:58.00

Screen 3 - 00:03:53.00

Sound - 00:03:54.00


Inhale – Hold – Burst – Repeatis a three-channels-video-installation in which the first two channels screen the performer face and another channel screens a side view including part of the performer body and her shadow, these screens are in vertical format. The third screen is a close up shot of performer mouth and nose and in horizontal format.

The artwork presents the idea of how people, us, choosing to face their personal circumstances or difficulties - we compromise. However, we seem to not accept the fact that we are also the reason which is led to self-misery and depression.

The sound mix was done using the pre-recorded sounds and the sounds made by the performer’s images and the Phonopaper recorded-sounds created from hand-drawing images of the different moods which were happening/were felt at that time. The sound in this work was done in a very exaggerate style as it presents the fight of thoughts, emotions and loneliness of a person in such situation. 

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