Medium: High-definition digital video on three flat screens, colour, sound


Screen 1 – 00:03:18.00 

Screen 2 - 00:02:00.00 

Screen 3 - 00:03:18.00

Artwork Statement: 

Borrowing the iconic lotus symbol, which is synonymous with the portrayal of Vietnam’s founding father – Ho Chi Minh, In our next Congress, I shall be holding the lotus again (2021) – a dramatic re-enactment of a National Congress campaign, explores the lexicon associated with the party and its leaders on mainstream media. Dressing up in what seems to be work attire worn by many high-ranking Vietnamese politicians, the artist interacts with the national flower with the level of violence increasing in each screen in a hope to expose the violence that lies behind utopian depiction of the communist leader in her home country. The screens are connected to a humble loudspeaker system resembling those on the streets in Vietnam, which suggest the omnipresence of propagandist contents encasing the everyday living space.

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